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Boarding & Training

Let us do the work for you

By far the most popular service, our board and train program is customized to fit your needs. Whether you just need on leash control or off-leash freedom, we're here to do all the work for you!

RTDT Perfect K9 Board & Train:

The main difference between private lessons and the board and train is that we do all of the training for you and your dog comes to live with a trainer in their home (not a facility!) for the duration of the training. 

One of the most FAQ we get is: Will my dog still listen to me and build on a bond with me if someone else does the training? And the answer is yes! Even though we complete all the training for you, you still receive a two-hour turnover lesson where we teach you everything your dogs knows, answer your questions, and have you do hands on training so we can make sure you’re confident about your dogs training.

Included commands in the two week board and train prgram: "Come", "Sit", "Down", "Place", "Heel" (left side only), "Off", "Stay", Door Manners, "Finish", and duration with all of these commands. A deposit is required to hold training start dates. 

Investment includes: Training tools based on owner goals/dog behavior, and refresher lessons free of charge on behaviors learned in training program valid for up to two years after training is complete.

NEW 2023: Don’t want to leave your dog in a boarding facility? Want to protect your investment? All of my board and train clients are open to board with me if you need a dog sitter. Daily rate will include refresher training and mental stimulation games.

*Spots are limited. Call/email in advance to set up your spot.

*All dogs must be UTD on vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian 

**Payment Plans Available (limited availability) 

All payments are broken up into 3-4 monthly payments. Payments must be timely and program fully paid for before starting your dogs’ board and train.

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