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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question? Here’s an Answer

What is your training methodology?

I hate labels. Im a dog trainer. That being said, I train the dog in front of me. I’m fair with both the dog and their owners. Coming from a sport background, I think we can learn a lot from dogs based on how they play. I'm a firm believer that each and every dog needs structure and rules. In todays world we invite dogs to be apart of our lives more than ever, so there is a time to play and a time to listen, and you can do both when you learn how to play with your dog properly. I use both fair rewards and fair corrections in my training and I do not discriminate towards any tools as long as they are quality tools and are being used appropriately. There is no “magic” tool or treat that trains your dog. It’s hard work, dedication, but can be so much fun!

Do you train all dogs?

I sure do! I've worked with hundreds of dogs with all kinds of behaviors.

What does Reno Tahoe Dog Training do differently than others in your field?

I train the dog in front of me and believe that every client and dog needs a different approach. I am the only trainer in the area who teaches play-based training with rules and structure so it’s easy for everyone to understand.
With my board and train program, I don’t believe in boarding facility-style training but instead, train the dog as if they are my own in a home environment. I absolutely do not “pack in dogs” meaning I keep my training dogs at a limit. I have never sacrificed quality over quantity so you can guarantee your dog will get a ton of one-on-one time with play, training, and next-level care.
Besides offering one of the only real-life dog training experiences out there, I pride myself on being honest and down to earth. I want you and your dog to succeed and I'm willing to try things most other dog trainers won’t which involves getting creative sometimes and not sticking to just a one-size fits all path. I do not offer cookie-cutter programs and I stay up to date on training ideals and keep an open mind about training as I know that each dog is different.

What is an E-Collar and why do you like to use them in your off-leash program?

An E-collar is a remote controlled stimulation collar plain and simple. I only buy quality e-collars that are 100% waterproof and have a range over 1/2 mile. An e-collar provides the most consistent way possible to communicate with your dog while off-leash whether thats in your own home or out on the trail. Most people are surprised at how they actually feel when I show them what it does on their first e-collar lesson. Most people confuse E-collars with shock collars. This is not the case. Technology has come a long way since the outdated 'shock collar'. You can rest assured I’m well-versed in Ecollars and have studied under many trainers on how to use them. I’m very confident in my approach and I absolutely do not just slap on collars and start pressing buttons but instead use it as a way to enhance training that is already known to the dog. 

Why dont you train in a facility?

Heres the thing: I HAVE trained in a facility. The biggest complaint? "My dog does fine here but when they are out at the park they wont listen!" Yes its comfortable training in a facility. That's not real dog training though is it? I want to show you what to do when your dog is reactive at another dog thats not trained. I want to help you recall your dogs from geese. I want to show you what to do when people approach your dog without your permission. Someday I might go back to facility work, but I will always offer real-life dog training.

How much experience do you have training dogs?

12 years combined training animals. 10 years as a professional dog trainer. I also do continuing education because I love to learn! I attend seminars around the country and read books dog trainers have published.

What age should I start training my dog?

The day you bring them home. Whether the dog is 8 weeks old or 10 years, its never too early or late to do training. I offer age appropriate training methods in my programs so be sure to inlcude your dogs age with training inquiries.

What vaccinations do you require for your board and train program?

I require all dogs to be up to date on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella. I do HIGHLY recommend the Canine Influenza vaccine. All vaccinations must be given by your licensed veterinarian and you will be asked to show proof before starting a board and train. 

What personal dogs do you have and how old are they?

I have 3 dogs:
“Quinn”: Female Australian Shepherd/Border Collie X 8 years old. Retired demo dog.
“Shelby”: Femal American Eskimo Dog 8 Years old. Husbands’ dog.
“Quest”: Male Border Collie 1 Year Old. Sport Dog. Demo Dog. This is the dog most people will see at their lessons.

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