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Stop feeling bad about leaving your dog in a kennel

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Whining. Barking. Howling. Everyone feels bad and then makes the mistake of interrupting kennel time instead of just waiting things out. Here are my top 3 reasons on why you need to take the emotion out of kennel training.

#1 Dogs need to learn how to settle

Dogs by nature are pack animals. They do everything together. When you adopt a dog they naturally just want to be a part of everything you do. People have lives outside of dogs though. We have work, appointments, and school that we do during the day. The last thing we want to come home to is a mess because you decided your dog doesn’t need a kennel and now they’ve decided to remodel your home. Kenneling helps dogs learn how to be calm when you’re not home. It can even help when you are home! Accidents happen and lack of putting your new puppy in the kennel is usually the main issue with potty training and why it’s taking you longer to train your pup to go outside.

#2 It can save lives.

Thats right! There have been home footage videos circulating where dogs get bored when you’re not home and get into chocolate or turn on the stove. Save your pup (and your home!) and just do the kennel training thing.

#3 Boarding facilities, veterinarians, and groomers all use kennels.

Please don’t be the person that adds stress to your dog because you didn’t want to do kennel training at home and now your dog has to get manhandled and shoved in a kennel because they weren’t trained properly how to walk nicely in a kennel and relax. Groomers, vets, and kennel techs can’t just let dogs roam free. Some places like vets and groomers have limited space and all they have are smaller kennels. People should see how some of their dogs react when this happens. The excessive barking and drooling that dogs do when they’re stressed out. It’s awful.

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